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" To give oneself freely and joyfully to the work of form, one must know his material intimately. "

Portraying, sculpting, designing and directing trompe l'oeil architectural murals have made up most of a busy career in visual arts.


Clay however, discovered and loved at the age of eleven, was my first breadwinner. Then, the attraction for other experiences as well as the life of an artist relegated it to the background to finally return to it.

The story continues between painting and clayworks, Kamouraska and Mérida.

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member of conseil des métiers d'art du Québec
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different styles, one signature
Hélène fleury
raku vase helene fleury ceramiste.jpg
Urne funéraire raku
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Discover exclusive models of urns, bowls, flower pots, table art and fantasy porcelain
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