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" To give oneself freely and joyfully to the work of form, one must know his material intimately. "

My career in visual arts, portraiture, sculpture, design and artistic direction of architectural trompe-l'oeil murals have given me good expertise and earned me recognition from my peers.


But I had discovered clay when I was eleven. It was love at first sight. At nineteen I was already making a living as a potter. Ingenuous however, I had at the time an idealized and romantic vision of art which prompted me to quit my profession to study at the university.


But my first passion had left an indelible mark. The relationship with clay, the making of unique pieces and the endless exploration of the alchemy of earth, water and fire is irreplaceable. For twelve years, I lived in Catalonia where I had a mini country house with a workshop. This is where I took the time to return to my first love, at the medieval-style art school in Tortosa: Escola d'Art i Disseny. Now in the beautiful Kamouraska region, our story continues.

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different styles, one signature
Hélène fleury
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